Love Never Ends...Even When Your Marriage Does

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Helping People Through Change

Care of the soul is needed in our world today. Ministry to others must go beyond the walls of the religious and healthcare institutions and into the streets where people want to know how to bring hope, health, and healing to the body and soul.  Whether that is in your neighborhood, church or place of employment, many people need soul-care.

The body is the easiest part of a human to understand, It is straightforward and can be studied.

The spirit is that which has the capacity to relate to God and is immaterial. The bible teaches us that a person, outside of Christ, is spiritually dead and unable to respond to God in an appropriate way (see Ephesians 2:1–6 and Romans 8:5–8).

Then we come to the soul which is the part of a human being that can respond to other people. In Greek, the word for “soul” is psyche from which we get the word psychology. The soul involves the mind and emotions.

It gives us the capacity to relate to others and to form bonds. It is our souls that respond to beauty and high ideals. People with healthy souls are capable of forming meaningful relationships, and people with unhealthy souls find it more difficult.

Soul care is the attention given to healing a wounded soul or maintaining a healthy soul. After loss from divorce, the soul can be tempted to do many things that are unhealthy such as addictions or lack of physical care. Soul-care helps you find help to overcome temptations, fight addictions, and have peace with God.


Soul-Care after Divorce

When life takes a turn...

A marriage that ends in divorce is a painful process, even if you feel it's the right thing to do. Marriage bonds have been broken, leaving you to now rebuild a single life for yourself. That requires a special kind of soul-care that helps you to revision your life and thrive even as you feel all the feels.  Not until you find joy within can you really re-enter life or others more fully.  
I'd like to show you how to find joy and a new purpose for your life again. Call or email me for a free 15-minute consultation.


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