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About Donna

Love, Laugh & LIve More

I know what it's like to experience loss and grief and feel hopeless. I also know what it's like to have a hope-filled, joyful and satisfying life. We live in a world where we experience the extremes of both grief and joy as we navigate life after loss and especially after the pandemic of 2020.

My whole life has been prepared for this day and time where I take my experience as a pastor and health educator to help individuals, groups, and churches restore joy and find new purpose and vision as God's faithful people.

I use a combination of Assessment tools, group interaction, and re-visioning in the coaching process. It's my goal to help others LOVE, LAUGH, AND LIVE again!                                     

When I'm not working with others, I love to write, garden, play with my grandchildren, travel, and walk my dog, Bella, on the beach or take a hike on a trail.