For Churches

Steps to Revitalizing and Preparing Your Church: Post Pandemic and Beyond.

Transitions in ministry can be both challenging and exciting as churches learn to revitalize. The last 2 years have taught us a lot about being able to pivot and expand ministry into social media platforms. Since March of 2020 when our lives were literally turned upside down, churches across the globe have been struggling with how to revitalize and stay healthy.

Most of us never liked the idea of ‘closing’ the church doors, but we did and we learned that church can happen anywhere, not just in a building. We kept saying for weeks, I can’t wait for things to return to ‘normal’ yet they didn’t.

After several months of going online and learning quickly how to pivot on social media and zoom platforms, at first we stood up to the challenge, but many congregations also got tired of trying to figure out how to keep going.

When we did return to in-person worship, we saw that our pews were empty, and perhaps many still prefer to view services virtually.

How do we move forward from here?  : There are many approaches to this but one stands out: focusing on mission effectiveness.

As an interim minister to 14 churches in the last 22 years, I have come to realize that mission effectiveness comes from 

  • Our love for Jesus in the work that we do.

  • Spirit-led leadership that wants to reach others for Christ.

  • Becoming a Blessed Church where God is present and experienced.

Using proven methods in church revitalization, let me help your church re-vision, connect to your mission, and re-vitalize!

It begins with knowing what it means to be a Blessed Church.