Mature Woman

Coaching for Women over 55

Are you experiencing a major life change?

Life Coaching is powerful and transformative. It can help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. Find out how to make your dreams become reality. Imagine what life could be and let me help you build the bridge to your dreams.

There's nothing more exciting than watching someone transform their lives from where they are now to where they want to be and succeed.  Let me help you imagine what your life could be and achieve your dreams using the 5 D Appreciative Inquiry model.

Starting over as a woman over 55 can be hard. Maybe you’ve gone through a divorce or a major life transition. Maybe retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be or you can't retire.  Perhaps you just decided it was time to start anew with everything. Whatever your reasons, making life changes don’t need to be scary. You have valuable assets and skills to help get your new chapter in life off to a blazing start.

For those wondering what to try or how to begin, here are some tips from life coaches on how you can come out swinging in this new game called life after 555.

Find Support

You are not alone, yet many women believe they are alone when they make the choice to start over, particularly later in life. You have an abundance of resources that can help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Know Your Assets

You have assets you may not realize they have. Take some time to list them and let that guide you to achieve your goals. Moving on from a rough relationship builds resiliency and stress-coping abilities. Managing a family’s budget and home for several decades builds financial and office management skills.

Be Objective

When you can take a step back to examine yourself, you can identify your strengths and growth areas. Friends or a life coach can help you uncover them. 

Check Your Liabilities

Knowing your skills, assets and values prepare you to know what to do next and empowers you to take action. Perhaps you need a class or degree, perhaps you don't need either of those things. If you are retiring or deciding to work part-time at something you love, you may decide to do it as a hobby at first. For instance, maybe you love flowers, so you volunteer at a flower shop or garden center and learn how to arrange them for others to buy. Eventually, you may work for income as you master flower arranging.

Embrace Your Fears

Fear is normal and can steer you toward change. But when it becomes paralyzing, fear can cause us to be frozen. We won't stretch our comfort zones and move to the next step. Starting over as a woman over 55 may terrify you. Own that fear; it’s natural. Don’t suppress it or pretend it doesn’t exist. You need to explore it, understand it, and find a way to express it. Join a support group for women in your situation or enlist the aid of a life coach. Seek professional counseling to explore your fears and learn to deal with them.

Let's work together to help you find what you are yearning for and reach for the endless sea. The tools to get there will follow.

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Group Coaching for Teams

Does your team need to revitalize and find new purpose?

Group Coaching using the Appreciative Inquiry process will turn your team around and provide whole new energy to the work you are trying to accomplish.  Your team begins to answer

"Who are we when we are at our very best?" 

Using imagination and a dream session, we begin to explore how to move from where you are now to where you want to be. 

Working with teams and coaching them to achieve their dreams has been a life passion of mine. There are no shortcuts to a successful team. Working with the Appreciative Inquiry 5 D Model, teams learn how to use the five-step model to achieve their team goals and realize their dreams.

A coach comes alongside and gives your team a chance to BREATHE and find a joyful center again where creativity can emerge.

The Appreciative Inquiry 5 D steps to help your team transform and find success are tailored to your needs. 

1: Define

Awareness of the need for development. Preparing for an appreciative process. Committing to the positive

2: Discover

What is going on in your organization? Interview process and gathering of life-giving experience within the organization.                                    Valuing the Best of What Is

3: Dream

What are God and the community calling us to be? What would our organization look like in 5 years' time? Developing common images of the future. Visioning the Ideal

4: Design

Aligning values, structures, and mission with the ideal. Developing achievable plans and steps to make the vision a reality. Dialoguing What Should Be

5: Deliver

Doing your work in the World. Co-creating a sustainable, preferred future. Who, What, When, Where, How? Innovating What Will Be

Each month I both carve out time during my speaking and coaching schedule to offer a few complimentary strategy sessions. This session will help you get clear on what you want, what’s holding you back, and your best next big step.

If you’re interested in coaching for your group or team and you’d like to schedule a complimentary strategy session, please contact me.


Consulting for Churches

Is your church in the middle of a transition?

Transitions are hard. Especially after the last 2 years Steps to Revitalizing and Preparing Your Church: Post Pandemic and Beyond. Since March of 2020 when our lives were literally turned upside down, churches across the globe have been struggling with how to respond.

We never liked the idea of ‘closing’ the church doors, but we did. We kept saying for weeks, I can’t wait for things to return to ‘normal’ but they didn’t.

After several months of going on line and learning quickly how to pivot on social media and zoom platforms, it got old.

Life during Covid was uncertain and we were filled with many questions. A lot of them unanswered. Conflicting news left us wondering what the truth really was. Even now in 2022 with one surge after another of ‘variants’ we know that things will never return to the way it used to be.

We have experienced isolation, loneliness, anxiety, abuse, addiction and more like we’ve never seen before. And still wonder, “When will it end?”

Reality check: It will never be the same.

The sooner we accept that, the quicker a church can move on with their lives and plan for better days. We are living in a liminal time when there is much ambiguity but that doesn’t translate to a lack of vision.

Jesus also lived in a time of ambiguity, but he continued to meet the challenges of ministry of his day with clarity. He was able to move on when things changed.

If we are to be the church that will reach new people, we have to show up differently.

We have to let go of the things that don’t’ work anymore and be open to being a church of new ways even if we don’t know the answers. We’d all like to know where we are headed, but we don’t and we won’t for a long time.

Leaders that saw a rapid decline due to the pandemic, were stunned. But the decline isn’t new. The pandemic just speeded things up. So now we are in a sense of urgency to fix this.

What seems to be and has been the problem? It’s called mission ineffectiveness. Let’s face it, we are weary. That’s when I realized, it’s time to bring interim ministry to a whole new level.

Using the Five Developmental Tasks of Interim Ministry as a guide, I have brought the process of my consulting work up another level.