Soul-Care during Advent

Advent, a season of reflection and being still is one that I have a vague memory of growing up. For a long time, Christmas gave me angst, not just because of childhood memories, but because of the extreme pressure we put on ourselves to make the holidays perfect.

Often, we get so wrapped up in all the Christmas activity, that by the time Christmas day comes, we are exhausted, never mind feeling like somehow, we’ve missed the true meaning of Christmas.

While I do remember lighting candles here and there, Advent wasn’t particularly a season that highlighted the meaning of quietness and stillness, unwrapping the Jesus story of hope, peace, love and joy for our times.

I do love Christmas festivities and the sense of being simply being home. This year will be particularly meaningful as we are all having to modify how we do Christmas.

Between the cookies and cards, lights and decorations, carols and shopping to prepare for Christmas, I pray we take time to prepare spiritually. I think for many this Christmas is bringing that home.

How do we give ourselves spiritual stillness as we wait and wonder? Preparing spiritually helps us to receive the love and joy that encourages us to live more faithfully.

What is the meaning of Advent? Advent means ‘coming’ from the Latin work adventus as we prepare for Jesus’ first coming and birth, and wait for Jesus’ second coming, even as we celebrate Christ’s presence among us with the Holy Spirit.

This time of devotion and prayer is created for Advent to help you and your family find strength and peace during this busy season in which we are surrounded by so heartache and stress that 2020and 2021 has brought.

It has gone beyond the normal noise and activity. So this Advent may we be more present to Jesus, allowing a time of sitting down with him and listen.

Draw near to God so that the meaning of the season finds your renewed and reborn in your own spirit.

If you don’t already have one, you may want to buy and Advent candle wreath for your home. You can light one candle each week, perhaps on Sunday around your dinner table with your family or even by yourself. Each lesson is designed to look more closely at who Jesus is.

The colors of the candles are three purple candles for hope, peace and joy. And the pink candle lit for love in the third week. The white candle in the middle is lit on Christmas eve or Christmas day.

It is a tradition that we love in our family and one that I hope you will too. Bringing Christ Jesus into your home can bring the presence of God to each day. Your home becomes a sanctuary.

Inside of each week’s devotional, you will find a scripture to reflect on and light your candle by. Questions of reflection, discussion or journaling.

There is an action to consider in your upcoming week. Enjoy the journey of the spirit and soul that can truly bring peace and joy in the midst of adversity.

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