I have something to share that I don’t usually talk about …I have been experiencing a frozen shoulder for many weeks now, but I may have had this syndrome in the past very mildly. Frozen shoulder is a very common occurrence in midlife women.

In fact, in Traditional Chinese Medicine it is known as “50 Year Shoulder.” For the most part, I have maintained my mobility through stretches, yoga, massage, and ARP Wave treatment. But lately I have been feeling that it is time to pull out the big guns.

This week I began to practice a lot of heart opening yoga poses. These poses opened my chest and helped me to rotate my arms properly in their sockets and keep my arm pits open. At first this was very painful. But I found that holding the pose and breathing into it for at least 20-30 seconds is beginning to remodel my fascia.

We live in very intense changes in our world since 2020 and the intensity brings trauma to all of us. Trauma can get stuck in our bodies and for me makes me very sad. I also realized that I hold a lot of grief in my shoulders, which is gradually coming up and out by opening my heart energy center. In fact, these exercises match perfectly with the recommended daily frozen shoulder exercises in OT or PT. The heart chakra or energy center lies directly in the middle position of your seven energy centers near your shoulder blades. It is the link between your mind energy center and your body energy center. When it is healthy, your heart energy effortlessly balances your emotions with logic.

And, when something is going wrong in your shoulders, it’s not just physical.

This colorful chart shows what energy centers influence in our body. The heart energy center influences our ability to love, heal and have good relationships. Check out what energy centers affect in your emotional body.

Therefore, it’s so important to approach healing a frozen shoulder from all angles -- mind, body and spirit. And the very worst thing you can do is nothing, because when you do nothing, then nothing changes.

The assault on our bodies and minds from the pandemic to wars and violence in front of us has separated and divided us. This isn’t normal and has resulted in collective and personal trauma that we will need to heal for many years to come. Take time to listen to your body now so you can begin the process of healing.

This injury is very new to me and when nothing was working, something in my mind reminded me to think more holistic. As I was reminded that body pain affects all aspects of health, I began to see the link between grief and my body.

I am now on day 5 of treating my body and mind with poses and exercise that open my heart. I usually pray as I exercise and ask the Holy Spirit to help me release the emotional pain. And the result is that I am feeling so much better.

Moral of this story is: if you are feeling emotional pain, check in with your body. And the reverse is true: if you are feeling physical pain, check in with your emotions. Work the two together to stretch and release pain and built-up toxins in your mind/body.

Here are some yoga exercises to open your heart and frozen shoulder.

As always, check with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program:

1. Seated Cat Cow

2. Kneeling Neck Stretches

3. Puppy Pose

4. Cow Face Arms

5. Eagle Arms



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